Hi! Are you interested in an easily approachable Online Bible School where you can start your studies at home?

The Online Bible School is an easy way to start studying the Bible and familiarize yourself with the main doctrines. Primarily it provides low threshold to begin your studies, to which you can later add new levels.

The Online Bible School serves among others those who live in a place where there is no Bible school, or who can’t attend Bible school lessons because of work or studies. The Online Bible School also caters to the needs of small churches.

There are three different levels of studies at the Online Bible School:

Level 1: orientation level (25 credits)

The student studies independently the material that is online and performs a multiple choice exam. The purpose of the orientation level is to encourage further studies, for example at a Bible school or on level 2 of the Online Bible School.

Level 2: Bible school level (35–55 credits)
The student studies together with a study group at a local church, participates in theme weekends and also works independently with the help of online and other materials.

Level 3: preparation for post-graduate studies, 40 credits, 80 credits (25 + 55) first, then 40 credits.

The student completes independently among other things book reviews and completes studies locally with a church’s study group or at weekend seminars.

The student agrees on the accreditation of his or her studies with the Bible schools of the churches. The Online Bible School teachers are pastors and Bible school teachers. Level 3 courses are mainly supervised self-study projects where the supervisors are academically oriented pastors.