Level 1

Level 1: orientation level
The student studies the online material independently and takes the multiple choice exams. The purpose of the orientation level is to encourage further studies, for example at a Bible school or on level 2 of the Online Bible School.

Courses  in Finnish (part of the courses are still being worked on):

  • Old Testament Survey 5 credits – Ready
  • New Testament Survey 5 credits – Ready
  • Survey of Christian Main Doctrines 2 credits – Ready
  • Church Life 2 credits
  • An Overview of Church History and History of Doctrine 1 credit – Ready
  • Basics of Bibliology and Hermeneutics 2 credits – Ready
  • Basic Hebrew 2 credits – Ready

Content and objective:
The content of level 1 is the same as the text material on the website.

General objectives of level 1:

  • The student masters the material of level 1 so that he or she can answer exam questions with the help of the online material. The emphasis is not on memorizing but rather on the ability to utilize the material you have read.
  • The student acquires sufficient capabilities to start studying on level 2 of the Online Bible School.


Purpose of the evaluation

  • To evaluate the goal level that the student has attained.
  • To give the student feedback that helps him or her to self-evaluate and to set and reach goals.
  • The nature of the evaluation is supportive, edifying and honest.

Principles of evaluation

  • On level 1 the evaluation is based on how well the student can use study material for self-study.
  • The amount of knowledge attained is evaluated by multiple choice questions.
  • The grade requirement for eligibility for further studies/general transfer eligibility is “good” 3.
  • Exams are mainly taken using the Moodle online learning environment with the help of an individual user name and password. In exceptional cases the exam can be sent to the student by email. In that case, the manner of turning in the exam must be decided together with the teacher.
  • Level 1 exams contain multiple choice questions. Please refer to the grading scale!